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Bedroom Interior


We know - you have a lot on your mind. While we strongly encourage a discussion with us for more details, here are some common questions we receive.

  • What is your fee? Do you take a percentage of my rent?
    Nope. There's no catch - we do not take a percentage of your rent. Guests are willing to pay a premium to rent the spaces for a shorter period of time, and we simply collect any residual amounts over your requested rent.
  • How will you guarantee the rent?
    It's simple - we operate a business that generates revenue and your rent is our cost of doing business. In addition to our business signing your lease, we will personally guarantee the rent. Your relationship is important to us since it is the lifeblood of our business. We intend on being the last tenant's you'll ever have.
  • How long are your guests staying?
    Our working and traveling guests may stay anywhere from 5 days to several months. This really depends on seasonality and the occupation of the guests. Many are remote workers or contractors that require a 2-3 month stay.
  • How do you know who comes in and out of the building?
    Security is of utmost importance to us. With your permission, we will install a Wi-Fi enabled security camera on the exterior of the building to ensure the guest is not accompanied by any unwarranted persons.
  • How do you screen guests and what is your criteria?
    Many of our platforms perform background checks and ID verification. We are then provided this information from each inquiry we receive and personally accept or decline visitors. In addition, we ask guests for the reasoning of their stay, and take their story into consideration. It is in our best interest to ensure both a professional and safe experience for everyone involved since our company's reputation is always at stake.
  • Do you market on platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, etc.?
    We market our locations on numerous travel booking sites - including Furnished Finder, Booking, Airbnb, Travel Nurse Housing, Corporate Housing, and more. These are simply OTA platforms (Online Travel Agencies), and are used as a medium between us and our guests. We market units to corporate travelers, traveling nurses, leisure tourists, and people traveling for business and work on several different marketing channels - all using our secure screening methods.
  • How do you ensure there are no parties? What if a party occurs?
    Let's be perfectly clear - we do everything in our power to avoid any sorts of parties or events at these units and ensure everything at the property is kept immaculate. It is in our business's best interest to keep these rentals in perfect shape. If they are not, we experience downtime and lose out on revenue. In addition, this hurts our reputation on these platforms and we lose out on quality stays. To avoid this, we have noise detectors monitoring the units. If noise passes above a certain decibel level, our team is alerted and we will dispatch members to the building and ask guest(s) to leave. We certainly don’t expect this to happen, however the maintenance or damage will be taken care of by us should that ever occur. This is extremely rare.
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