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Hi, we’re Adam and Vince! 


We are Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania locals who had endured the hardships of being long-term landlords. Late rents, costly repairs, properties being uncared for, and stressful phone calls ultimately ate at our enthusiasm in traditional real estate investing. It seemed that the properties never truly became passive, nor profitable.


We, then, decided to launch Evergreen Stays with a clear mission in mind:

To help real estate investors make their investment properties as profitable and as passive as possible by leveraging the short-term industry, and to help travelers to a local-like, luxury experience.


After launching our first short-term corporate housing unit in Allentown, we quickly learned of the value we were providing not only to the landlord, but also our guests.


Our short-term guests range from traveling businesspeople and out-of-state tourists, to first-line responders and healthcare workers. 

Modern Interior Design


We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect!

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